Lead Generation

B2B telemarketing and lead generation

AB IT Solutions is a professional B2B telemarketing and lead generation / appointment setting company with head office based in town centre Reading.
We offer appointment setting and lead generation, telesales services that will generate you a constant stream of new business.

Our telemarketers are unscripted and have professional, natural, positive and engaging conversations with EVERY potential client. we operate a 100% open book policy. we work closely with all of our clients to ensure we clearly articulate your proposition over the phone, at no extra cost. our telemarketers are selected and matched to your campaign based on experience and skillset to maximize your ROI. A B Marketing Solutions is a business built on strong intellectual, human approach and trusted people. Our clients come to us because they know that B2B telemarketing isn’t a numbers game. It’s about engaging, intelligent and trust based phone conversation that takes unqualified business prospects and converts them into high quality sales opportunities. Over the years we have helped generate millions of pounds for our clients, we have worked with some of the leaders in the industry.

To get the best possible outcome from every call you need the best calibre of individuals making those calls. Our policy of headhunting staff and working hard to retain them means we attract those individuals. This is one of the key reasons why our clients trust us completely because the value we bring to their business.

We know how to grow businesses through effective lead generation and our own growth is a clear demonstration of this. A B Marketing Solutions turnover has increased by double digits every year since the company began.

• We take our client’s requirements seriously. We as a company are driven and motivated and our ambition is your goal. A B is an expert in demand generation is about more than just results. Equally it’s about approach, and putting ticks in all the key boxes that matter to you.

• We fully understand what success looks like, and that we’ll only recommend services that match your unique requirements

• We give you the confidence that we’ll create demand and those all-important sales leads through meaningful engagement with your target audience

• We keep it simple – our role is to connect you to your customers, and we’ve got great experience in taking complex solutions, drawing out the key story, and delivering that message in an easy-to-understand language free from clichés or buzzwords

• We are big on attention to details, Perfection: We believe there is only constant improvement

• Incremental value – any agency is only as good as its last job, and we understand the importance of constantly seeking ways to improve the impact and efficiency of our demand generation activity.


We can offer your business:

B2B Appointment Setting

B2B Sales Lead Generation

B2B Customer Services

Database Mining

Database Profiling and Market Research

Business Intelligent

Business Analysis

Data Migration