ERP integration

Off-the-shelf CRM to ERP integration package

ERP integration can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Since this is a such a broad characterization of the interoperability of disparate systems, it is helpful to break the topic of integration into its different components in order to better define what ERP integration really means for a specific organization.

ERP integration can be handled by the default functionality within an off-the-shelf CRM to ERP integration package. While these types of packages can significantly simplify certain integration components, there’s always some level of configuration required. Also, the “one size fits all” solution may not always be exactly that — modifications to core integration functionality may need to be made.

Other integration touchpoints may require custom functionality to be built out, because a particular integration requirement is not common enough for an integration package vendor to have pre-baked it into their solution.

Photo by Craig Garner